No installation script is available at this time. To manually install Der Tandem Browser, download the appropriate .zip file and follow the instructions below. Then please refer to the Quick Start section of the online help page for an introductory guide to using DTB.

This version of Der Tandem Browser has been tested with Mozilla 1.2.1 and 1.3.1 running on Windows2000. (624 KB) Der Tandem Browser, version 0.6
This file includes the Cygwin DLL, version 1.3.22, which is required to run the DTBServer program on Windows32 systems. (179 KB) Der Tandem Browser, version 0.6, no cygwin DLL
This file does not include the Cygwin DLL. If you don't need the DLL because you already have it, or if you're installing on a non-Windows operating system, then download this archive. Note: at this time, non-windows binaries are not available for the DTBServer program. Non-windows users will need to compile their own binary if they wish to run Der Tandem Browser in host mode. See DTBServer for more details.

Manual Installation

Step 1:

Locate this directory: 'Browser'\bin\chrome where 'Browser' is the installation directory for the version of Mozilla you're using. On Windows systems, this will typically be "Program Files\MozillaXX", with XX representing the release number.

Create a subdirectory called "dertandembrowser" and unzip the Der Tandem Browser archive file into it (...\bin\chrome\dertandembrowser).  Be sure to use the option to preserve the directory structure when decompressing the zip file (check "use folder names" if using WinZip). Verify that  two subdirectories are created: 'content' and 'dtbserver' .

Step 2:

If installing DTB for the first time...

In the 'chrome' directory (Program Files\'Browser'\bin\chrome),  find the file named "installed-chrome.txt" and open it using a text editor, like Notepad. At the bottom of the file, append a  new line with the following text:


The next time you open Mozilla, Der Tandem Browser  should be installed. A chat area/control panel will appear at  the bottom of the browser, and there will be a menu item for displaying/hiding the DTB bar under the View > Show/Hide submenu.

To Uninstall

If you need to uninstall it, delete the 'dertandembrowser' directory and its contents. Then edit these three files and remove the lines containing "dertandembrowser" if present:

The dertandembrowser project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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